Dec 2022

The Heron

December 2022

Issue #01

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Meet Rich

A brief background on the person behind HPY!

Mitchell Date Night

Partner Yoga and Dinner for 2!

Beginner’s Series

A 6-week program of yoga basics.

Meet Rich

Father, partner, veteran, teacher.

My name is Rich. I was born in ’82 in Guelph, ON. My partner Dawn and I were married in ’03 and now we live in Mitchell with 2 of our 3 boys at home and one gone off to college. I am hardly ever serious, and I love to help.

In 2018, my life was a bit of a mess. I had just been released from the Canadian Armed Forces due to a medical release. I had planned on a life-long career in the military. I was in the Armoured Corps, serving with the Royal Canadian Dragoons in Petawawa, ON. It was a good fit for me. I love being active, and part of my job was to work out every day. I love learning new things, and in the army there’s always a new course or qualification that you can achieve. I love feeling like I have something to contribute to society, and putting on that uniform every morning made it very clear what I could offer. In 2009 I was deployed to Afghanistan and as a result of an IED strike on my vehicle and several other incidents, I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and major depression. I was suffering from insomnia, intrusive thoughts, suicidal ideation, panic attacks, and worst of all, bouts of extreme anger. I spent many years in therapy trying to recover to the point that I could carry on with my career, but eventually it was decided the risk of relapse was too high.

After my release from the Forces, Dawn and I decided to give yoga a try. There were classes at the local community center that we weren’t confident enough to attend, so we started by watching videos on YouTube, which gave us the confidence to attend the community center classes. After a few lessons I noticed that there was a teacher training available at a local studio (White Pine Yoga in Pembroke, ON) and decided to sign up. During that immersive experience I discovered that the yoga poses (asanas) were like vessels for all of my stress energy. When I put the stress energy into the asanas my mind could see beyond the noise and I could access thoughts and emotions that were hidden behind all the stress and anger. I graduated in 2019, and we moved to Mitchell in November of that year. I signed up for a business program through Fanshawe and spent a year learning about entrepreneurship.

When I’m not teaching yoga, I like being out on the water on my stand-up paddleboard. In fact, this year I took a teacher training that will allow me to do both at once, starting next spring. I also play the guitar, volunteer with OSISS (an organization for veterans with operational stress injuries like PTSD), and I love to play board games.

Beginner’s 6-Week Yoga Program

Starts Jan 5th

Not sure what’s the difference between Urdhva Muhka Svanasana and Adho Muhka Svanasana? Don’t know a Pranayama from an Asana? Can’t even pronounce those strange words?

You’re not alone. There’s a certain image of a yoga studio portrayed in Hollywood and on social media that can be very intimidating for those curious but unsure about yoga. Before attending my first yoga lessons I was worried about not knowing what to do when I got to the studio, what if I couldn’t touch my toes (well, I already knew I couldn’t), and what if I committed some obvious faux pas?

If you are apprehensive about joining a yoga studio and beginning a practice, this 6-week program is for you. We’ll cover topics like:

· Foundational yoga postures

· Studio etiquette

· Yoga philosophy

· Basic breathing practices

· Different types of yoga

Classes will be on Thursday evenings at 7:30pm. The 6-week series will begin on the first Thursday of: Jan, Mar, May, Sept, and Nov. If you miss a class in the series, you can make it up by attending any of our normal drop-in classes through the week.

Cost will be $90+hst

Mitchell Date Night

Coming Jan 12, 2023, in collaboration with The Sugar Maple

Partner Yoga at HPY

Spend an hour learning some poses with your partner. Deepen your connection and let us take a few photos for you.

Dinner for 2 at The Sugar Maple

Starts at 7pm, specially selected menu for our event

$80+hst for two people

Space is limited to 5 couples for our first run of this event, and sign-up closes Jan 1.

Sign up Here

Drop-in Schedule


9AM: Yin with Rebecca (22°C)


7PM: Warm Vinyasa x Yin with Rich (28°C)

8:30PM: Hot Yin with Rich (32°C)


9:00AM: Vinyasa x Yin with Rich (22°C)

10:00AM – 2PM: Open Studio Time

7PM: Warm Vinyasa x Yin with Rich (28°C)

8:30PM: Vinyasa Flow with Rich (22°C)


6:30PM: Vinyasa x Yin with Rich (22°C)

8:30PM: Hot Vinyasa with Rich (32°C)


5:45AM: Vinyasa Flow with Rich (22°C)

8:15AM: Vinyasa x Yin with Rich (22°C)

10:30AM: Warm Vinyasa x Yin with Rich (28°C)

11:30AM – 4PM: Open Studio Time

9PM: Yin with Rich (22°C)


9:30AM: Vinyasa x Yin with Rich (22°C)

11AM: Yoga Basics with Rich (22°C)

12:30PM: Yoga for Men (22°C)

8PM: Hot Vinyasa with Rich (32°C)